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The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree is gradually replacing the Master of Nursing as the terminal degree for nurses who want to be able to run their own clinics, prescribe medication, and generally provide many of the primary care services that were once the exclusive domain of medical doctors. Business acumen is an asset for DNPs hoping to open their own practices, since the scope of operating a primary care facility requires much more than pure nursing skills. The nursing landscape is changing because of the DNP degree, and new opportunities are opening up for nurses with the drive to go out and get them. These sites provide the information DNPs need to stay on the cutting edge of their rapidly changing field.

The material presented here provides a broad look at the professional landscape DNPs have to contend with. This is not intended as a ranking of these sites, but as a useful sample of the most informative sites on a variety of topics that DNPs need to stay up-to-date on.

Professional & Academic Information

Professional nursing associations and academic journals aimed at nursing and evidence-based care provide some of the richest information for DNPs and other nurses with advanced levels of education.

  1. American Association of Nurse Practitioners


    The AANP is the ultimate resource for Nurse Practitioners. Members have access to the latest research, scholarship and education opportunities, conferences and other resources which can strengthen their position in the healthcare field.

    More Info: All About NPs

  2. National Institute of Nursing Research


    As nursing takes a more centralized role in medicine, this national research institute works with nurses to research new health initiatives and manage symptoms. They accept research proposals and grant applications from various nursing centers to promote health and education.

    More Info: Training

  3. National Council of State Boards of Nursing


    The NCSBN is a non-profit organization with the sole purpose of providing a space where boards of nursing act and counsel together on matters of common interest and concern affecting public health, safety and welfare, and the development of licensing nursing examinations. Sixty board members in this organization represent every state in the union along with the District of Columbia and four U.S. territories.

    More Info: Nursing Regulation in the U.S.

  4. ANA: The Doctor of Nursing Practice – Advancing the Nursing Profession


    This short statement – part of the American Nurses Association site – shares the history of importance of the DNP. A DNP degree and career prepares nurses for a collaborative and inter-professional practice, essential for health policy development or advanced clinical practice.

  5. The Joint Commission


    The Joint Commission accredits and certifies more than 20,000 health care organizations and programs in the United States. This is an incredibly valuable site for someone looking for guidelines on not only becoming a medical professional but opening their own accredited practice.

    More Info: Standards FAQ

  6. American Society for Healthcare and Risk Management


    American Society for Healthcare Risk Management (ASHRM) is a personal membership group of the American Hospital Association (AHA) with nearly 6,000 members representing risk management, patient safety, insurance, law, finance and other related professions.

    More Info: Online Store

  7. Institute for Healthcare Improvement


    The Institute for Healthcare Improvement investigates all of the ways that the American healthcare system can continue to improve and all of the ways that it has recently shown improvement. The IHI acknowledges that NPs are a key to general improvement as they are the leaders in family centered care and one on one relationships in primary care.

    More Info: Person and Family Centered Care

  8. MEDLINE Complete


    This huge collection of full text medical journals is a great resource for anyone in the medical community looking to stay current on their research, specialty, and best practices. There are more than 2400 journals accessible with articles going back to 1865.

  9. The Cochrane Collaboration


    The members of this group are dedicated to evidence based health care and research using the scientific method. The Cochrane Reviews are articles that are held to extremely high standards and designed to facilitate the choices that practitioners, consumers, policy-makers and others face in health care

    More Info: Screening for prostate answer

  10. Evidence-Based Nursing


    The purpose of this journal is to identify the best articles and research that will benefit the nursing community. It is most important in expert comments on the context of articles, including the methods and the clinical application of the findings.

    More Info: Current Issue – Nursing Issues

  11. NP Scope of Practice Laws – Barton Associates


    This fantastic resource is an interactive chart that describes the state laws for NPs. From prescribing to signing death certificates, this site describes the laws that govern NPs from state to state across the country.

  12. STAT!Ref


    This digital resource allows nurses and other healthcare workers to access hundreds of research and academic titles. These journals and research resources are not just valuable to students, but to anyone looking to stay current on medical trends and continue best medical practices.

    More Info: Products

  13. Forum for Shared Governance


    The Forum believes that patient care can be enhanced by innovations that allow staff, managers, and patients to share control and influence over their healthcare organizations. The Forum works on education, policy, and research to help create this kind of healthcare industry.

    More Info: SG Hospitals

  14. Great Nurses


    This website combines continued education with the community of nursing. Nurses can gather at seminars or even on vacations to continue growing their professional skills with other like-minded people.

    More Info: Enhancing your critical care skills

  15. Nursing Theory Link Page


    An extensive collection of nursing theory pages from professionals and professors. Includes a mixture of sources including videos, essays, lectures, and website links.

    More Info: Informational Network for Doctoral Education in Nursing

  16. Nurses House


    The mission of Nurse’s House is to provide short-term financial assistance to nurses in need as a result of illness, injury, or disability. In the past 3 years alone, they have helped more than 300 nurses with physical and financial needs.

    More Info: Nurses’ Stories

  17. AACN Doctor of Nursing Practice


    This DNP section of the AACN serves as introduction to the Doctor of Nursing Degree for those who may have questions or be considering higher education in nursing. Some resources include the DNP Toolkit, FAQ, and DNP program schools.

    More Info: Doctor of Nursing Practice Fact Sheet

  18. Academic Center for Evidence-Based Practice


    This organization exists to further the education and training of nurses. They encourage interdisciplinary evidence-based methods and practice and turn research into action.

    More Info: Research

  19. AccessMedicine


    This is a great resource for all medical students, especially DNP students. These case studies, textbooks, practice tests and other materials are great prep during education and training.

  20. The Iowa Model of Evidence-Based Practice


    Evidence-based practice is a growing and important practice in nursing and helps to connect nurses to patients and truly offer the highest level of care. This university prides itself on its resources and evidence based education.

    More Info: Professional Development

  21. American College of Physicians Clinical Recommendations


    This site equips DNPs with guidelines and best practice advice for running a clinic or opening a practice. This starting point is an important resource as it comes from the American College of Physicians and also is information compiled from a systematic review of available literature on the subject.

    More Info: Additional Resources

  22. The Journal for Nurse Practitioners


    This journal is focused on bringing the most recent nursing, medical practice and policy, research, and patient issues to the hands of NPs. It is not only a great resource for current subscribers and educated on practice and policy, it’s useful for nurses who want to submit papers for peer reviewed publication.

    More Info: About the Journal

  23. Nurses for a Healthier Tomorrow


    The goal of this campaign is to bring more people into the nursing profession. NHT is working heighten awareness about a future nursing shortage and the excellent opportunities that await those who seek a career in nursing.

    More Info: Career Info

  24. Doctors of Nursing Practice

    Doctors of Nursing Practice, Inc. is a corporation formed by a group of advanced practice nurses to enhance the profession and Doctor of Nursing Practice degree to improve health care outcomes.

    More Info: Career Info

  25. Partners in Healthcare Education


    These healthcare consultants are experts in nursing, medicine, and the health industry and are sought after speakers at conferences. Practitioners themselves, they are able to speak influentially about topics like treatments for arthritis, depression, smoking cessation, and much more.

    More Info: Lecture Topics

  26. PRIME Education, Inc.


    PRIME offers training and continued education in a number of fields in an online course format. The classes offered here are accredited towards many national nursing programs.

    More Info: Nurses

  27. Confident Voices in Healthcare


    This NP run blog is an experience in positive nursing and quality care. With years of experience, Beth Boynton shares her stories, challenges, and creative solutions for excellence in long time nursing.

    More Info: Complexity in Nursing

  28. National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculties – DNP Curriculum


    NONPF is a leader in quality nurse practitioner education. Their curriculum and training resources help to create leaders in the field of higher nursing education. Many examples of their materials are available online.

    More Info: Education

  29. Evaluating Innovations in Nursing Education


    If you seek to teach other nurses, you might want to look at this program. Evaluating Innovations in Nursing Education addresses the shortage in nursing educators in the nation’s workforce. The goal is to support evaluations of interventions that expand teaching capacity and promotes faculty recruitment and retention in nursing schools.

    More Info: Resources and News

  30. Virginia Henderson International Nursing Library


    The Henderson Repository, a resource of the Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International, offers online dissemination for nursing research and evidence-based practice materials as well as free open access for online patrons. Submissions are under peer review, and provide a great way for NPs and DNPs to follow their passions with publication.

    More Info: Get Started

  31. Centre for Evidence Based Medicine


    The Centre for Evidence Based Medicine (CEBM) is a great online resource for American DNPs who want to learn more about evidence-based health care. The center runs a range of courses and workshops, and the site provides a comprehensive list of online evidence-based medical resources, free tools, and links to the latest research and publications.

    More Info: OCEBM Levels of Evidence System

  32. The DNP Center


    A DNP-centric perspective, including the history of the DNP, career board, and the evolution of the DNP and its effects on medicine. The site focuses on the role of DNP in the changing landscape of healthcare and how DNPs can work to change healthcare for the better from the inside out through patient relationships and intensive research based medicine.

    More Info: DNP Subspecialties

  33. Jones & Bartlett Learning: Doctor of Nurse Practice


    DNPs know that the nursing profession is changing, and that it is one of the fastest growing professional fields within medicine. Now, Jones & Bartlett Learning offers educational support and leads the way in advanced practice nursing education through courseware and curriculum. Use this site as a resource to learn more about how to grow your DNP career.

    More Info: Nursing Community

  34. National Association of Nurse Practitioners: DNP


    Primarily a site for Pediatric Nurse Practitioners, this section helps explain some key differences between the NP and DNP degree in practice. Will those with an NP be affected? In the early days of this degree, this is a helpful resource for those practicing with an NP or deciding between two degrees.

    More Info: DNP: Blueprint for Excellence

  35. National League for Nursing


    The NLN is a preferred membership organization for nurse faculty and leaders in nursing education. This organization provides excellent faculty development programs, networking opportunities, testing and assessment, nursing research grants, and public policy initiatives to its 33,000 individual and 1,200 institutional members.

    More Info: NLN Marketplace

  36. Doctors of Nursing Practice


    This online community has so much to offer DNPs. From a searchable list of all DNP programs in North America to an online community for DNP for students and faculty to a current listing of DNP careers to a collection of issues that affect the DNP practice, this site is a true resource for DNP professional growth.

    More Info: Online Community

  37. APRN / DNP Toolkit


    This toolkit is a collection of links and educational resources. Students and practitioners can find information from cross cultural issues to appraisal checklists to several full text medical journal sites.

    More Info: Podcasts in Health and Medicine

  38. PubMed


    Every medical professional is familiar with PubMed, the government resource site that offers more than 23 million citations for biomedical literature from peer-reviewed and professional sources. Many citations include links to full-text content from PubMed Central and from publisher websites.

    More Info: PubMed Quick Start

  39. Nursing Knowledge International


    Nursing Knowledge International is a non-profit subsidiary of the Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI). Their commitment is to provide evidence-based knowledge solutions developed for nurses by nurses, including free and fee-based content developed by leading organizations around the globe.

    More Info: STTI Publications

  40. The Intelligent Nurse


    Based upon the communication problems inherent in today’s health care system, this site seeks to integrate health care skills with an increased knowledge in communication and technical skills. The Intelligent Nurse focuses on nurse communication, leadership, critical thinking, and person-to-person marketing that can create a successful health care business.

    More Info: Seminars and Presentations for Associations

  41. Nurse Practitioners’ Association of Ontario


    NPAO is just one of several NP associations located throughout the world that provides networking opportunities, continuing education, and advocacy for NPs in each organization. NPAO offers an online education to any reader about the NP’s role in the medical field, including an explanation about NPs, NP history in Ontario, key documents, and a special project that includes NPs in the Ontario Health Care System.

    More Info: What is a Nurse Practitioner?

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    News & Blogs

    Nursing magazines and blogs kept by nurses and nurse practitioners offer a more casual and anecdotal look at current events that affect DNPs.

  43. The Nerdy Nurse


    This nurse run blog focuses on patients, nurses, and technology, all in the name of better nursing. Her posts cover everything that could make a nurse’s life easier – from managing infection risk to finding the best work shoes to advocating for graduate level education- as well as emphasizing the relationship between nurse and patient.

    More Info: Why Nurse Empowerment is So Important to the Future of Nursing

  44. One Love for Nurses


    A Registered Nurse (RN) with experience in nursing leadership and social media opportunities in health care shares her knowledge in this blog. Suzie, the author, also offers a podcast that can inspire, encourage, motivate, and educate all types of nurses, but especially those nurses who are on an entrepreneurial path.

    More Info: 25 Vision Casting & Goal Setting with Life Coach Joel Boggess

  45. Nursing Show


    The Nursing Show is a popular podcast geared toward nurses at all levels, and offering stories that appeal to nurses based on news, current medical events, and global health care management. The site is completely searchable, and show notes offer information about each podcast along with links for further reading and research.

    More Info: Shownotes

  46. Nursing Notes Live


    Nursing Notes Live is the audio companion to the award-winning Nursing Notes email newsletter. This newsletter and its audio companion offer the latest industry news, trends, and updates in all levels of nursing practice, providing an excellent resource for NPs and DNPs.

    More Info: Angela McBride and Mary Terhaar on Nurse Mentoring

  47. Nursing Times


    Nursing Times is a popular premier news source for all nurses, from students to DNPs. This publication offers news about nursing practice as well as opinion, and provides a pulse for the wider nursing community through job offers, best practice and clinical resources in the U.K. and around the world.

    More Info: Nursing Practice


    Nursecom is one of the most comprehensive resources for all nurses everywhere, providing information about jobs, education, news, trends, and events. This publication speaks to the nurse student who wants to network to the DNP who holds events for networking!

    More Info: Dear Donna Career Advice

  49. Disruptive Women in Health Care


    Disruptive Women in Health Care is a blog, an archive, and a resource that focuses on women who are forging new paths in caring for patients. Take a look at this site for provocative ideas, thoughts, and solutions in the health sphere, along with over five years of archived material that can stimulate innovative thinking.

    More Info: Shut Down but Active in Public Service

  50. Nursing Staff Development: Behind the Firewall


    “Behind the Firewall” is a blog developed behind hospital walls to encourage networking and sharing ideas on the ultimate nursing careers. Although the focus is on web-based education, the ideas are geared toward independent thinking about how to advance a nursing career, including development of an entrepreneurial spirit while working in a team atmosphere.

    More Info: Tutorials

  51. Diversity Nursing Blog


    This niche website for nurses is devoted to nurses at all levels and to the nursing profession. The focus is on diversity, which adds cultural competence and innovation to any workforce, and this site serves as a resource born from a desire for diversity in the workplace in 2007.

    More Info: Diversity Nursing Blog

  52. One DNP: My Mono-Credential Journey


    One DNP: My Mono-Credential Journey is a blog about a nurse who earned her “terminal degree” and was then inspired to advocate for advanced practice nurses, including DNPs. The goal is to seek an all-encompassing clinical credential rather than continue the “hodgepodge of nonsensical initials” that often offer a base for disputes and misunderstandings.

    More Info: The Most Restrictive Environment

  53. Nursing 360


    Nursing 360 is all about finding the best nursing programs, careers, and online nursing classes available, with featured resources that help any nurse forge a path toward a career that is enjoyable and rewarding. Read case studies, and stay tuned to the blog, which provides updates on current trends within the nursing profession.

    More Info: Top Nursing Careers to Choose From

  54. The Truth About Nursing


    The Truth About Nursing is a non-profit organization that is working to change how the world views nurses and the nursing profession. The Truth About Nursing’s ultimate goal is to foster growth in the size and diversity of the nursing profession, to strengthen nursing practice, teaching and research, and improve the health care system.

    More Info: Research-Sources-Links

  55. Nurse Power!


    This long-running blog and website offers great resources for nurses who want to know when it’s time to move on or move up in a nursing career. Nurse Power offers advice, resources, and products to help you determine how best to lead your nursing life.

    More Info: Nurses too sometimes need healing

  56. RehabRN


    Take a look at this RN’s blog about living the good life on a farm and at the “rehab, “and possibly practicing in a career as a stand-up comedian. The material is current, the ideas are open to debate, and the puns and phrase turns are what keep the serious business a little lighter.

    More Info: Inquiring minds…

  57. Health Law Blog


    Any nurse who plans to serve as an NP or DNP or who has a business needs to tap into this health law blog by John Fisher at Ruder Ware. Take a weekend to browse through the articles on this site and to soak in a blog that focuses on current and practical information for any health care professional.

    More Info: Health Law and Compliance ”Blue Papers”

  58. Top of Page

    Nurse Businesses, Practices, & Entrepreneurship

    Entrepreneurial spirit can be crucial for DNPs who want to open their own clinic and manage the business aspects of it as well as treating patients.

  59. Discover Nursing


    This program helps nurses to develop management and entrepreneurial skills to help them succeed in establishing their own business, developing medical products, or working on independent research. This kind of lifestyle allows nurses to still be actively involved in patient care but also enjoy the benefits of self-employment.

    More Info: What is a Nurse Entrepreneur

  60. My Nursing Business


    This site helps nurses take their nursing talents and build in business skills. With coaching, training, a book, and a free blog, NPs and DNs can discover if opening a clinic, working as a consultant or engaging in some other self-employment opportunity is right for them.

    More Info: Which nursing business should you start?

  61. Self Employed Nurse


    This educational and motivational site encourages nurses seeking a non-traditional road of nursing, like marketing, coaching, consulting, speaking at conferences, or owning a small business. A monthly newsletter with tips is free, while one on one consultations range in price.

    More Info: Why you should be excited about the future of nursing

  62. National Nurses in Business Association


    The National Nurses in Business Association is the first step for nurses in transitioning to self-employment or small business ownership. The benefits of membership include things like conference discounts, business ebooks, contract templates, startup checklists and more.

    More Info: Nurses in Business – Success Stories

  63. Metro Medical Direct


    Metro Medical Direct is a medical house call, internet-enabled direct access primary care and telemedicine practice in New York City. It was founded by a Nurse Practitioner, and offers patients the benefit of Virtual Office visits (web camera, secure text messaging, and access to a secure patient portal). The service has expanded to include a transitional care program aimed at reducing hospitalizations and more effective healthcare utilization.

    More Info: About Us

  64. UNconventional Nurse


    UNconventional Nurse features a series of life and business skills coaching and workshops designed for: Nurses thinking about starting a business, Nurse Business Owners and Nurses looking for career advancement. The site’s mission is to teach nurses critical business skills to accelerate, increase and maximize success.
    Michelle Podlesni is the Founder of UNconventional Nurse™, a successful business coach, bestselling author and C-Level executive with a proven track record in the corporate setting, leading start-up companies to multi-million dollar success.

    More Info: Workshops

  65. Manhattan House Calls


    Manhattan House Calls is a group of Nurse Practitioners who see and treat patients at home. This service allows full trained and qualified medical practitioners to create relationships and treatment plans for those who might otherwise not get treatment or care due to being unable to leave their homes due to disability or discomfort.

    More Info: FAQ

  66. Oxford Adult Care & Weight Loss Center’


    This weight loss clinic is run by a certified nurse practitioner and trained staff. Her adult care training means she can also offer sports and school physicals as well as primary care and disease prevention.

    More Info: Primary Cares Services

  67. Integrative Healthcare


    This practice is small enough to really focus on the benefit of their patience but large enough to offer the latest in traditional and alternative medicine. An experienced and trained DNP runs the clinic with a focus on disease prevention and patient resources.

    More Info: News and Info – Immune Problems Part IV

  68. Transitions in Nursing


    Through blogs and podcasts, this site works to help nurses showcase their talents in places besides the ER. Dedicated to helping nurses think creatively and take their skills to the next level with non-traditional opportunities, Transitional Nursing works to offer nurses new options.

    More Info: Extra Income for Nurses

  69. Laconia Women’s Health Center


    This small, women-centric practice is perfect for women looking for focused, individualized care. Owned by an NP, this office is a leader in creating relationships and providing great healthcare services.

    More Info: Our services

  70. Hope Family Medical Clinic


    Hope Family Medical Clinic is dedicated to quality affordable health care for families and individuals. Their website is full of resources for patients – including what it means to have an NP as a primary care taker – but also about the best ways to educate yourself on good health.

    More Info: What is an NP

  71. Mobile Health Appraisal Services


    This organization brings their medical staff to where the examinations are needed. Specializing in things like firefighter and DOT physicals, Mobile Health is a convenient option for many businesses.

    More Info: Services

  72. Primary Care Nurse Practitioners of New York


    This organization is owned and run by NPs who visit the aged and disabled throughout New York. Their mission is to not only treat any conditions that prevent them from living well, but also partner with their patients to educate, monitor and manage chronic illnesses.

    More Info: Long Term Care visits

  73. Newbridge Clinic


    Newbridge Clinic, specializes in holistic, integrative pediatric and adult health and healing in Edina, MN. In addition to treating children and adults for chronic conditions of all types with a functional medicine approach, and providing holistic-focused child wellness visits, they also see children for food allergies and intolerances, autism spectrum disorder, attention disorders, behavior concerns, and developmental delays. They are also a leader in functional medicine, training nurse practitioners and other professionals in the area of holistic and integrative / functional medicine.

  74. Gericalls


    Gericalls is in home care provided by a Certified Geriatric Nurse Practitioner. While they specialize in the care of the elderly, anyone over 35 who has trouble leaving their home is eligible for their medical services which include sick calls, lab tests, physical exams, illness management and more.

  75. Edmund Clinic


    This DNP practice is committed to excellent family care and patient relationships. Not only do they offer a wide range of services such as physicals, Botox injections, hormone replacement, and more, they are focused on educating patients about good health and wellness.

    More Info: Patient Education

  76. The Millionaire Nurse


    Do you believe that if you treat your money like you treat your patients that you’ll be a millionaire? Let Dr. Dean show you how to nurse your finances back to health so you can move forward in your career and in your life.

    More Info: Free Resources

  77. Barbara C. Phillips


    Barbara Phillips is a nurse practitioner business coach and consultant who can help other NPs and DNPs create a successful career as independent business owners. Barbara fills her sites with information about consumer health education, NP promotion, NP business development, and other resources — all designed to help other NPs and DNPs become the best they can be in the medical field.

    More Info: NP Promotion

  78. RN.FM Radio Nurse Entrepreneur Archives


    RN.FM Radio is a special nurse resource that provides all types of broadcasts for nurse careers and learning. This link leads to the archives on entrepreneurial nursing, offering resources, ideas, and encouragement to nurses who seek to open their own businesses.

    More Info: RN.FM Schedule

  79. Billings Clinic


    Billings Clinic in Montana offers Mayo Clinic expertise in a down-home environment. This clinic has won numerous awards for their programs and their services, including expert nursing at every level within the clinic and in outreach to the community.

    More Info: Nurses Transforming Care

  80. Mt. Shuksan Family Medicine


    Mt. Shuksan Family Medicine is a practice in the State of Washington that features three nurse practitioners (NPs) who offer services in dermatology, internal medicine, family and women’s health, and urgent care. This business is a great example of how NPs and DNPs can work together to provide a community with much-needed services.

    More Info: Services

  81. Seasons


    Seasons of Farragut in Tennessee offers a redefined health care system that is individualized and patient oriented. As a holistic service that focuses on preventive measures to healthy living, the staff — which includes MDs, RNs, and NPs — offers an online blog that showcases their approaches and knowledge.

  82. Fitzgerald Health Education Associates, Inc.


    Fitzgerald Health Education Associates, Inc. (FHEA), founded in 1988, delivers the most up-to-date, evidence-based NP certification exam preparation available, while also providing active nurse practitioners and other healthcare providers with the continuing education and resources needed to maintain professional competence. The Fitzgerald Review Method has successfully prepared more than 70,000 NPs for certification and advanced practice.

    More Info: Continuing Education

  83. Nursing Habits


    This is a different and thought-provoking blog created by a woman who was a nurse, but who turned to the web and working on websites instead. If you often thought you’d like to create your own website, have a little side business, or simply drop out of nursing, then follow Arkadia to find out why she looks so happy.

    More Info: Nurses! Backache isn’t necessarily just a symptom of being a nurse!

  84. Carmen Kosicek, Nurse Entrepreneur and Visionary


    Carmen Kosicek is an RN and MSN who speaks to nurses everywhere about the entrepreneurial spirit and advancing your degree. If you’re suffering from burnout as an RN, how do you advance into a DNP career or into another line of business altogether? Learn more from Carmen!

    More Info: Blog

  85. Nursingentrepreneurs


    Nursingentrepreneurs is a networking and resource directory for nurse-owned businesses and for nurses who are seeking an alternative to bedside careers. You can begin by learning whether or not you have the entrepreneurial spirit, then begin to look for other nurses who have opened businesses in various categories. Other topics include ways to deal with burnout, as well as topics that cover all types of nursing careers.

    More Info: Nursing Schools (Nurse Education), Colleges of Nursing

  86. Nurse Entrepreneur Network


    Gain immediate access to practical solutions for starting, building, and managing your nursing business through articles, tips, forms, checklists, private discussion forum, and more at this site. This site is a fantastic resource for networking and marketing solutions.

    More Info: Join the Nurse Entrepreneur Network

  87. Working Nurse: Nurse Entrepreneurs


    This site is geared to the California RN, but the advice contained in articles, tips, and guidelines are relevant to any nurse who wants to become a business owner. Learn more about some exciting opportunities for nurses who want to start their own nurse-based businesses.

    More Info: My Specialty

  88. Entrepreneurs in Nursing


    Almost every nurse in the U.S. is familiar with and their forums. This particular forum focuses on nurse entrepreneurs and how to combine a nursing background with business knowledge to start a company. The Nurse Entrepreneur may provide patient care, equipment, consulting services and education as it relates to nursing while assuming inherent risks of business accountability.

    More Info: To any and all footcare nurse business owners

  89. Infinity NP


    InfinityNP offers a great example of how a team developed a growing business in the long-term health care industry. This site also provides NPs and DNPs with job prospects in this industry as this chain grows through Ohio and Pennsylvania and beyond.

    More Info: The Benefits of an On-Site Clinic

  90. Kathleen Johnson, FNP


    Kathleen Johnson is a holistic family nurse practitioner located in Oregon. Her site offers other nurse entrepreneurs an example of how one NP went forward to serve her community, offering a wide variety of preventive health measures as well as ways to meet health goals and stay healthy.

    More Info: About Kathleen

  91. NPClinics TN


    NPClinics in Tennessee showcases family nurse practitioner Loretta Turbeville, who offers to serve as a primary care provider or to provide episodic care when needed. This clinic provides a great online service to all NPs by explaining what NPs can do for any patient’s chronic or acute conditions, including — in this instance — diagnostic studies, routine tests, prescribing therapy and rehabilitation treatments, and minor surgeries and procedures.

    More Info: Services

  92. The People’s Clinic


    Kristine Weaver is an NP who operates from The People’s Clinic in Indiana, serving families in the Indiana and Michigan area known as “Michiana.” Kristine developed a “Paths to Wellness” preventive care approach to her practice that she created while working with a group of Amish women in Northern Indiana — an award-winning approach that encompasses both care and cure.

    More Info: About Kristine

  93. Nightingale Preventative Care


    Nightingale Preventative Care offers a wide variety of services to its community in Farmingville, New York. The NPs included in the staff offer vaccinations, prescriptions, minor wound care, diagnostics, and prenatal care — all showcasing the expertise that NPs can offer to a community.

  94. Top of Page

    Various Resources

    DNPs may need to read up on medical supplies, billing and coding practices, preventative medicine techniques, and all sorts of other topics pertaining to their work.

  95. Block Imaging International Blog


    Block Imaging offers refurbished diagnostic imaging systems to be bought by clinics and hospitals. Their blog is a great resource for information about MRIs, CTs, PET scans and more.

    More Info: Preparing for your digital mammography project

  96. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality


    The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality under the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services offers a great resource for health care professionals. NPs and DNPs can use this site for research about patient rights, health care policies, research tools and data, and funding and grants.

    More Info: Funding Opportunity Announcements

  97. Health is Social


    If you plan to strike out on an entrepreneurial path as a nurse, how much do you know about how social media can help your career and chosen path? This site talks about how to infuse social media into health care practices, providing more coverage for your products and/or services, along with and offer to provide research, designing, and implementing the best practices for nurses, physicians, and other health care leaders.

    More Info: Blog

  98. – Toward Clarification of the Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree


    This article is a lengthy discussion of the DNP degree. It helps to answer the question “What does it mean to be a ‘doctor’ of nursing?” and looks towards the roles a DNP might play in advocacy, research, health policy, and scholarship.

  99. MUSC Online DNP & MSN Nursing Resources


    The Medical University of South Carolina offers a stunning array of resources for their DNP and MSN nurse students. Their resources are open, making them available to anyone who cares to use these tools to learn more about this medical profession.

    More Info: Tutorials

  100. Exam Master Resources for
    Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)


    A resource in exam study, ExamMaster helps DNP students prepare for their board exams. With review sections covering the areas of internal medicine, family medicine, and pediatrics, students can use these thousands of questions and answers over time to feel much more prepared.

  101. Micromedex 2.0


    Micromedex 2.0 is another fantastic evidence-based medical resource that is a clinical reference tool. This resource is one of the best for American and Canadian practitioners who seek to use a resource with fast and easy-to-use searches, linked summaries and in-depth content, mobile functionality, a 360-degree dashboard, and the most comprehensive reference content available.

    More Info: Available Apps for the U.S. and Canada

  102. Joanna Briggs Institute


    The Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI) is an international not-for-profit research and development arm of the School of Translational Science based within the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Adelaide, South Australia. This institute collaborates with over seventy international entities to promote and support best practices within the global health care system.

    More Info: Use Evidence

  103. Division of Drug Information Service (DDIS)


    The IDIS, along with the Iowa Drug Information Network (IDIN) provides a dynamic resource for any medical professional. Established in 1965 at the College of Pharmacy at the University of Iowa, this online tool contains all the materials gathered from that date forward including FDA approval packages, AHRQ publications, and English-language medical and pharmaceutical journals.

    More Info: IDIS Drug Database

  104. Redding Medical Blog


    If you plan to “hang a shingle” or open a clinic, this blog offers ideas and tips on how to save money in that process. Redding Medical Equipment and Scrubs provides ideas and news on money-saving features that can make your clinic or office a top-drawer facility.

    More Info: Diagnostic Equipment

  105. Egan Medical Equipment and Supply Blog


    The EGAN Medical Equipment blog offers news, updates, and trends in medical equipment, keeping medical professionals and medical office managers apprised of the latest in equipment. The focus is on high-quality affordable medical equipment and supplies, pregnancy care, vitamins and supplements, and other healthcare items.

    More Info: Volunteers Wanted to Compare Maternity Belts, Pregnancy Cradles

  106. Medical Product Blog


    The Medical Product Blog is an independent blog that looks at medical products across the spectrum to provide professional analysis of that product for your benefit. If you’re curious about a product and you don’t see it on the blog, the authors encourage readers to ask them about that product so they can evaluate it for you.

    More Info: Medical Diagnostics In Depth

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