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5 Reasons to Earn Your DNP

doctor of nursing practice is a degree that prepares registered nurses to become independent medical care givers – another layer in the nursing profession. Their function is to learn to practice the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

As a registered nurse who already works with patients, you may be wondering what the benefits of continuing your education and earning a DNP degree are. It is a specialty education and there are definitely benefits. There are many roles a DNP can have and many ways they can affect medicine.

The Additional Career Opportunities

As a terminal doctorate degree, it provides rich opportunities in teaching and education and also offers plenty of opportunities in hands on medicine. While a PhD is usually considered more research oriented and the DNP is often more practice focused, there are still careers a DNP graduate can pursue in both. Some careers include:

  • Nursing Administration
  • Advanced Clinical Practice
  • Global Health

Potential for Increased Income

With more career choices there is, of course, the possibility for high income among these jobs. For instance, managing and administering a medical care center can earn someone $85,000 a year. A nursing instructor makes, on average, $69,000, with potential for much more.

Job Growth

Additionally, the medical field continues to grow. Many jobs available to nurses are growing faster, on average, than other jobs. Graduates in the doctor of nursing practice have years of skill and training that are needed in the developing field and this allows for DNP graduates to find jobs more readily.

Providing Options to Patients

If a DNP grad chooses to go into a non research related career, that might mean they work as an autonomous medical provider. This provides patients with options other than an MD – possibly giving them a place to seek alternative treatment. A DNP might even offer them treatment options at a lower cost. This is good for both doctors of nursing practice and patients alike – DNPs can practice good, individualized medicine and patience can find access to options in their health care.

Providing Education to Students

One of the biggest benefits to getting a DNP might be the ability to work as an educator for future nursing students. While DNPs can certainly practice medicine, they can also act as teachers and instructors at colleges or other places. Helping to train up the next generation of RNs is a great opportunity.

A doctor of nursing practice is not a common degree in the medical field, but it can certainly afford many distinct and interesting opportunities for students who choose to go in that direction.

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