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25 Outstanding iPad Apps for DNPs

Technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, and this can be a great help to those in the medical profession. If you work in health care, technology can be especially helpful, allowing you quick access to helpful references, as well as patient records and other information. With an iPad or other tablet, the information you need is readable and available at your fingertips. For a DNP who might be working in a fast-paced situation, having this information available can mean the difference between life and death for a patient.

No matter your needs, an iPad can be a great aid in your work as a nurse practitioner or nurse educator. If you are a DNP looking for some of the most helpful resources, here are 25 outstanding iPad apps:

Medical Reference Apps

Medical EncylcopediaLook up the latest information about different conditions and techniques quickly and easily. Have basic health questions answered, and get refreshers on anatomy, as well as access to the latest medical breakthroughs and news.

  1. Medical Encyclopedia: This great app from the University of Maryland Medical System offers you a solid reference. Searchable encyclopedia makes it easy to find just what you are looking for. Cost: Free
  2. 3in1 Lab Values +: Use this app to find different lab values. Also a helpful medical reference app for prefixes and suffixes, as well as medical abbreviations. A quick way to double check your work, and look up terms you might need. Cost: $2.99
  3. Blausen Human Atlas: Perfect for those who want to pinpoint core concepts, and reference different points of anatomy. Interactive and in-depth. Cost: $19.99
  4. modalityBODY: You can learn about anatomy, thanks to the helpful flash card set up of this app. A useful iPad app that also includes imaging references. Cost: Free
  5. Skeleton System Pro II: This app is part of the NOVA series from You can learn all about the skeleton system, and brush up. You can also get other useful 3D references from the NOVA series. Cost: $39.99
  6. Medscape: As a medical professional, this app is a must. Get access to articles and news headlines, papers and other useful reference materials. Cost: Free
  7. Epocrates: This app is especially aimed at drug references. You can find a number of useful references using this app, including name brand and generics. Includes dosage information and more. Cost: Free
  8. Skyscape RxDrugs Dosing Companion: Perfect for referencing medications and figuring out doses. A helpful medical reference for any health care professional. Cost: Free
  9. ICD9 Consult: This app is especially aimed at coders. However, even a DNP or other medical professional might find it a useful reference. It offers all of the billing codes for different medical conditions and services, as well as codes useful for patient records. Cost: $14.99

Medical Diagnosis Apps

If you are a DNP, chances are that you are qualified to help diagnose different conditions. You can perform a quick consult with your iPad when you have the following apps, designed to help you figure out what might be wrong with your patients.

  1. Neuromind: A great diagnosis app that can help you pinpoint different conditions with the help of diagrams, as well as real neuroimaging resources. A helpful app for any professional. Cost: Free
  2. Diagnosaurus DDX: One of the most popular iPad apps for diagnosis, this app focuses on helping you determine a condition. Can also help you figure out which conditions or diseases might have some of the same symptoms. It’s a handy resource, and one that is very affordable. Cost: $0.99
  3. 5-Minute Clinical Consult: This app helps you quickly enter in symptoms, and “consult” to figure out a diagnosis. You can find answers to questions about different diseases, and you can figure out a treatment plan. Cost: Free, but you do have to buy a subscription to the service.
  4. iRadiology: Perfect for getting a look at different images for different diseases and conditions. A great aid to diagnosis. Cost: Free
  5. Medical Lab Tests: A helpful reminder of the results for different tests, and what they mean. Perfect for those who are looking for helpful information on high and low lab values. Cost: $2.99
  6. Mental Illness: Great iPad app for mental health care nurses and nurse practitioners. Offers information on different disorders and conditions. A great diagnosis reference. Cost: Free
  7. Pedi STAT: Use this app when treating children. Perfect for diagnosing pediatric problems, as well as comparing normal development to problems that might arise in children. Cost: $2.99

Medical Calculator Apps

Treatment, medication administration and other aspects of health care require the use of calculators. These medical calculator apps for the iPad are designed to help you perform different calculations quickly and confidently.

  1. Calculate: QxMD offers this app to quickly and easily make calculations. You can even search calculators by specialty. An easy way to perform any calculations that you need as a health care professional.
  2. MediMath Medical Calculator: 135 calculators in one! You can access the most important and commonly used medical calculators with the help of this iPad app. Cost: $4.99
  3. Mediquations Medical Calculator: Get access to the right equation at the right time. The perfect way to be prepared for a number of conditions and dosages. Cost: $4.99
  4. MedCalc: Find dosing information, and get access to common (and important!) medical formulas. Cost: $0.99
  5. Archimedes – Free Medical Calculator: Make use of the more than 150 tools on this calculator, designed to help you quickly and painlessly perform medical calculations. Cost: Free
  6. Medical Calculator: Just what it sounds like – a medical calculator to help you accomplish what you need to. Cost: $0.99

Patient Care Apps

These apps can help you better serve your patients. They provide various aids to communicating with patients, as well as other helpful hints on improving the care you give your patients.

  1. Medical Spanish: Perfect if you need to communicate with a Spanish speaking patient. Includes common phrases in the medical field. Also, includes an audio feature that will read out the phrase so you can hear how it should sound. Cost: $5.99
  2. MedSpeak: You can get access to a two helpful apps in different languages, including Cantonese and Mandarin. Cost: $9.99 each
  3. AirStrip OB: Monitor baby vitals remotely. Your health care facility must have the program as well. However, when you have it, you can keep track of progress and vitals from anywhere in the facility. Cost: Free

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